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2021 Wage Increase Announced Despite Struggling Economy

Even though many South African Employers are still reporting huge losses, had to retrench employees, or completely closed their doors because of the strict lockdowns implemented over the last Financial Year, the country’s Minister of Employment and Labour announced that an amended national minimum wage will come into effect on 1 March 2021.

The Different Sector Wages on 1 March will be as follows:

· Basic Minimum rate of R20.76 p/hour will increase to R21.69 p/hour.

· Domestic Workers’ Minimum wage will increase to R19.09 p/hour

· Agricultural Sector wage will increase to R21.69 (Domestic Workers on Farms has to be paid the basic Farm Worker’s Rate)

· The DOL has listed Tables on Page 6-7 of the attached Government Gazette which indicates the rates of the Wholesale/Retail Sector for both region and employee department.

You can find Government Gazette 44136 below which contains these changes.

Government Gazette 44136, 8 February 202
Download • 407KB


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